SAS126 - Senior Projects Officer (Part 21G)

Job Purpose

The Senior Projects Officer is accountable to the Production Manager for the development and management of Completions projects, taking ownership for the manufacturing and installation aspects of these projects, in order to ensure delivery to agreed time scales and budgets. 

This role is the link between Design (21J) and Production (21G/145). Under the direction of the Production Manager completions projects are planned, resources are allocated and work packs are generated. 

This covers primarily the 21G (Manufacturing) and associated Part 145 (Installation) activities but will be expanded to include the 21J (Design) aspects.

This job will allow the incumbent to grow into the role of Deputy Production Manager.

About Specialist Aviation Services Limited (SAS)

Specialist Aviation Services Limited specialises in providing bespoke aviation solutions for emergency services, corporate and utility operators. 

We provide a comprehensive range of professionally managed aviation solutions and leading edge support to the emergency services and other organisations which rely on aircraft as part of their own operations.

Our mission is to provide excellent, dependable helicopter and aviation services in our specialist markets so that we are the first choice partner of the customers and communities we are proud to serve. 

Our Core Values 

At SAS, we believe that ‘how’ our employees do their role is as important as ‘what’ they do. This is key to our culture, how we get things done and how we collaborate with each other.

  • We are passionate about Performance
  • We learn and strive for continual Improvement
  • We show Kindness and support to our colleagues
  • We are Rigorous in our attention to detail and procedures
  • We earn the right to celebrate success and have Fun

What Are We Looking For?

  • Drive and Commitment
  • Team Player 
  • Effective Communicator
  • Problem Solver
  • Safety Conscious
  • Customer Focus & Passion for HEMS 

Key Responsibilities

  • Planning Assist the Production Manager in developing quotations for Completions projects;
  • Planning led environment: develop and maintain a detailed schedule appropriate for the scale of the project. Ensure that project status is reported in line with project reporting, contract requirements and risk management processes;
  • Develop production schedule and work programs analysing facility, manpower, parts and materials, tooling, 3rd party services and specialised resources requirements to ensure delivery to agreed time scales and budgets in a safe & compliant manner. Manage change processes as required;
  • Interface with Part 145 Management for Completions installation projects;
  • Build, monitor, audit and close work order packages in a timely manner. Supervise progress of work orders with production and installation teams;
  • Raise master projects and sales orders as required for completions projects;
  • Coordinate with the supply chain team to ensure availability of materials, parts and subcontract services for planned projects. Delegation of tasks to, and liaison with, approved Sub-Contractors/Suppliers;
  • Establish priorities based on safety, current operational needs and company policy;
  • Work closely with the commercial, maintenance and supply chain teams to ensure that changes are introduced in a controlled fashion and that risks emerging from contract change are managed;
  • Ensure that projects are closed down and archived;
  • To immediately notify the Production Manager or Head of Part 21J of any actual or envisaged non-compliance with the DOA and POA quality system and, where appropriate, propose remedial action;
  • To assist the Production Manager in ensuring that high standards of airworthiness and engineering practice are promoted and maintained within the Completions Department;
  • Act as deputy for the Production Manager;
  • Act as Production Inspector;
  • Sign and release mechanical items via CAA Form 1 and other relevant processes;
  • Coordinate between the Customer Operations Manager and Stores to ensure items are shipped correctly;
  • Assist in Quality Audits of 3rd Party Suppliers and Subcontractor control;
  • As part of the role holder’s development, to undertake other roles in SAS as required (with the role holders’ agreement) to help develop the person to be a fully rounded and experienced member of the management team;
  • Act as line manager for the Projects Officer.

Health and Safety

  • Maintain a safe and healthy work environment by complying with all Company standards and adhering to legal regulations.
  • Be aware of personal health and safety and the health and safety of others at work. 

Environment and Sustainability 

  • Minimise our environmental impact by complying with all Company standards and adhering to regulatory requirements.
  • Be mindful of the impact our operations and your actions may have on the environment, and be proactive in identifying ways that we can improve.

Emergency Response

  • Maintain knowledge of the emergency response programme policies, processes and procedures, as defined by the Emergency Response Procedures. Be prepared to respond in a crisis as an ERP representative, if required by the role. 

Essential Skills & Qualifications


  • Previous experience in a Design Organisation or Production Organisation
  • Previous Form 1 Signatory
  • Previous Aerotrac experience


Specialist Aviation Services Limited is committed to achieving workforce diversity and creating an inclusive working environment.

Please Note - To be considered for a role you must:

  • Be eligible to work in the UK;  
  • Live in the UK or be willing to relocate for the role.